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Stephen King: Pet Semetary

So I decided to dedicate my first serious post (review? kind of thing) to the last book I've finished. Which is Stephen King's Pet Sematary. I bought it a while ago at a thrift store for 2 euros. Which is a nice price for a book. I got it on a whim though. I didn't knew about the book beforehand. But I must say I was pleasantly surprised! 


With Stephen King books I always have the issue that the story either interests me or not at all. When it does not I never even manage to finish the book. When it does, which was the case, I finish the book within a week or two. 


Anyhow this is the book:

The Dutch translation to be exact. 


For the full review click the cut!


The story starts out quite logically and realistic. A young family moves from the city to a small village in Ludlow/Maine. Their house is big but they live near a highway and the pet sematary. The husband, Louis meets this odd old man who has been living in the village for years. The old man shows the family the pet semetery and explains them what's beyond the pet semetery and from that moment on strange things start to happen. 


The first thing that happens is that Victor, a college kid, dies at the first work day of Louis. Later on, Louis starts to see Victor in his dreams. It seems as if Victor is trying to warn him about something.


At that point things are still quite normal in the family. Louis discards Victor as ''just somthing from a bad dream'' and goes on with his life. 


Shortly after that the wife and children leave the house for a weekend. Unfortunately the cat of Louis daughter gets hit by a car and dies. Louis decided to bury it at the cemetery after the advice of the old man who lives nearby. The cat returns to life, although things are not the same. 


After that the youngest child of the family dies and Louis decides to do the same with his son as he did  with the cat. 


From that moment on things go completely out of hand in the story. 


I thought the storyline was nicely build. You can see how it all goes down so to say. But it doesn't get too predictable at the same time. 


I really felt for the characters throughout the story. Specially when their son dies and things turn really bad. Such a situation is very realistic and I think that King made good use of that as a ''horror'' aspect. It's not really supernatural horror but realistic horror. Something that can really happen. Which made it even more unnerving to me. 


The ending isn't a happy one but that's okay with me. Not everything needs to have a good ending. The thing that does bother me is that the main character, Louis doesn't seem to learn from his mistakes and thus keeps repeating the same thing over and over until the ending of the book. 


All in all I thought it was a very exciting book. Not *really* scary but more unnerving. So if you are looking for something really scary this book might not be for you. But it's an easy read and a page turner. 


Also, I noticed that there is a movie of it as well? Although..it seems kinda tacky? 



Is it worth watching or should I pass? >D