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I rate and review books. I love horror, fantasy, suspense and Japanese literature. I might ramble about book hauls as well. 

Something silly

I am a big fan of this show called ''The X Files'' ( I think most people know what show this is) and I was browsing in the book section of the local thrift store a while ago and I found these:


So I went to the thiftstore 8 |


They were 1 euro each and me being a fan I just couldn't leave them. They're a fun and easy read. Although reading it in Dutch is a bit strange since I'm used to the show which is spoken in English. But I like them and hopefully more will pop up at the thrift store because I will certainly buy them. I enjoy reading them inbetween, when I just finished a longer story for example!



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I wonder if this will be fun..

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Stephen King: Pet Semetary

So I decided to dedicate my first serious post (review? kind of thing) to the last book I've finished. Which is Stephen King's Pet Sematary. I bought it a while ago at a thrift store for 2 euros. Which is a nice price for a book. I got it on a whim though. I didn't knew about the book beforehand. But I must say I was pleasantly surprised! 


With Stephen King books I always have the issue that the story either interests me or not at all. When it does not I never even manage to finish the book. When it does, which was the case, I finish the book within a week or two. 


Anyhow this is the book:

The Dutch translation to be exact. 


For the full review click the cut!

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With this I would like to welcome you to my book blog. (whoever reads this in the first place :'D ) 

I keep track of which books I've read and I rate them. I might write reviews about them too but we'll see how I feel about that. I enjoy horror, suspense and I have a love for Japanese literature so that is what you will be finding here most of the time. 


And I might also ramble about book hauls and stuff like that. 


Yes. So enjoy and thank you for being here. 


Other than that: I am a female,a college student and I am from the Netherlands.