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I rate and review books. I love horror, fantasy, suspense and Japanese literature. I might ramble about book hauls as well. 


A short while ago I finished this book. It's called ''Still life with Crows'' by Preston&Child. The version of which you see the picture of right now is the Dutch one. It was the version I bought at the thriftstore. I like the cover of the Dutch version so I wanted to add that one. The title in Dutch is ''kraaienvoer''


Anyhow, where do I start? I thought this book was really awesome. It takes place in a small town in Kansas. Brutal murders are taking place and special agent Pendergast is investigating the case. 


I loved how the book slowly built up the tension. It started with the creepy murders and victims being hunted by the murderer, and it ended rather bloody and nerve-wrecking. 


What I also enjoyed very much was that the killer turned out to be non-human (kind of?) Which added even more creepyness to the story. 


This might be a bit of a short ''review'', but I absolutely loved the book, I enjoyed Pendergasts character and the scary moments. This book was a perfect October read, it sometimes gave me quite some creeps while I was reading in bed at night. 


So if you want a scary Thriller to read for Halloween I would certainly suggest this book! It is definitely not your average crime thriller.