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I rate and review books. I love horror, fantasy, suspense and Japanese literature. I might ramble about book hauls as well. 

I just finished Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov and I wanted to write down my thoughts about it. 


First of all, I can understand why this book is a modern classic. Nabokov's writing is fluent and poetic, which is very impressive since English is not his first language. I was pretty amazed by his writing style. The subject of the book is quite risky, because it could all turn into some raunchy mess. Which luckily did not happen. I did felt slightly uncomfortable when Humbert molested Lolita.


But unfortunately I have to say that this book was not for me. I didn't like the main character, Humbert Humbert at all. I couldn't sympathise with him or relate to him because he is a pedophile and very selfish. At moments I got so annoyed with his dramatic character. This all made it very difficult for me to read the book. I even got tempted to put it away but on the other hand I did wanted to finish it.  


What also bothered me that it was very one sided. Everything seemed to be in Humbert's favour until the very end. Which seemed rather unlikely to me. 


So all in all, I was impressed by the writing style but there was just no way for me to really get into the story basically because of the main character. 


I might read the book again to give it a second chance but not for now. I really wanted to like it more. 


I do think that parents could learn from this book. They should be careful who they let around their child. Even if it is someone who seems like he has the best intentions.