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I rate and review books. I love horror, fantasy, suspense and Japanese literature. I might ramble about book hauls as well. 

Sooo I've been buying some books again. 


Two (the ones on the left and right ) are from the thrift store. I always love going there because you never know what you are going to find. The books are super cheap,they have a huge variety and it's only 10 minutes away from my house. I love browsing at that place. 


The left one is ''Autopsy'' by Howard Olsen. I looked the book up on goodreads when I got home, and the reviews weren't that positive..But the book is a ''medical thriller'' which seemed interesting to me so we'll see what I think about it. And I think the cover is kind of cool with the syringe. Which is also on the spine of the book. 


The one on the right is ''Still Life with Crows'' by Preston&Child. I was actually very happy to find this one because I've already been planning on reading a book of the Pendergast series. So it really felt like a lucky find and I'm looking forward to reading it.


The one in the middle is a new book which I've bought at my local bookstore. It is Alice in Wonderland in a pretty penguin classic edition. I've read Alice in Wonderland before when I was in high school. But I thought it would be nice to re-read it and to own the book. Since I borrowed it from a friend back when I read it for the first time.